Friday, January 1, 2010

A Sissy’s offer of servitude to a interested Dominate

My name is Mikaela Alyssa Campbell, a 51-year-old Pre-Op Sissy located in Franklin, TN, and it is Mikaela’s biggest fantasy to be swept off her feet by a Master and/or Mistress, who wants to make Mikaela’s dream of being a chastised shemale sex slave cum true. When Mikaela uses the word chastised shemale sex slave, Mikaela is talking about taking a feminized male that she still works as and turn him in to a sexy shemale, permanently chastising her penis in a Centurian Frenum FL-6J Chastity Sleeve with break off screws used to permanently secure the sleeve to the shaft of her penis. This way Mikaela can only provide services and pleasure to others. Because this is how Mikaela wants to serve, her Master and/or Mistress like this gurl.
Mikaela understands that this means only anal (being fucked) and oral sex (sucking cock) for her. Kinda like the gurls that you may have seen in Forced Womanhood and Enslave Sissies and Maids magazines in the pictures. Mikaela can’t think of anything better that she would rather being doing. Beside Mikaela has never seen a real permanently chastised sissy slave these magazines boast of. Only the drawings that fill these magazines and even the videos that were put out the publisher of these magazines does not show a sissy being permanently chastised. So Mikaela want to be one these gurls, video and pictures take, then published for all to see and Mikaela want this done for real. Even make it into Forced Womanhood or Enslaved Sissies and Maids magazines. That would be a thrill for her.

Please understand that Mikaela has done her research, so you could say that Mikaela wants you to know that she is sincere, and not a wannabee. Mikaela has spent over four year researching this decision. Even searched for her own submissive and met many wannabes, but found no serious submissive. She is a submissive wanting to serve as a chastised shemale sex slave for the remainder of her natural life. So if your offering a 24/7 full-time live-in position, you are will to accept Mikaela as is, and will finish her feminization that this sissy started on herself by turning her into the sexy chastised shemale sex slave that she wants to be. Then Mikaela is your gurl. Because this is how she wants to spend the remainder of her natural life. Mikaela also realizes that her world as she knows it is about to change forever, once she is accepted as a property of a Master and/or a Mistress, then PLEASE to take possession of her. Mikaela wants to step away from what she finds familiar and comfortable to throw it all away, so she can become a chastised shemale sex slave that she is meant to be, so that she can sent her time serving in servitude at the feet of another. To serve, to be trained, to do as Master and/or Mistress sees fit without question, and Yes, even if this includes prostitution, so be it. Whatever Master and/or Mistress wants.

Please take this request serious.

If you are serious and would like to take possession of this sissy as your property.

Please contact this sissy at: - subject “ownership”

Mikaela will get back to you about your desire to own this sissy slave. As noted in the title bar of this blog. Mikaela is registered as a Free and Unowned slave at and is interested in changing this Free and Unowned status to that of being Owned.

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mikaela258 said...

I am continuing to feminize my body into the kinda sissy that I see in my mind's eye. I will going on vacation in about a week, and will have my tongue and nipples pierced.